This one line from Lord of the Rings will save you from a multitude of career limiting moves

You shall not pass!

– Gandalf (the gray), Lord of the Rings

Okay – I admit it. I just wanted to try to find a way to refer to another one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

There’s something to this though and I’m going to give a few scenarios where your expectation when you’re trying to get promoted should be “you shall not pass!”

And if you’re more of a monopoly fan… do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

So here they are:

You hit up people for “coaching” who you don’t interact with regularly, only right before performance ratings are handed out. This is see-through, lame behavior and… you shall not pass!

You’ve spent no time investing in relationships because you were too busy. You have to remember this though- clients don’t make ranking decisions. Your internal leadership does. Without their support… you shall not pass!

You do only what you’re asked and nothing more. I don’t know how things work in your world but promotions a particularly to the managerial ranks – tend to involve leading, which requires a certain amount of action taking. If you’re only doing a checklist don’t be surprised if you hear Gandalf (or your boss) bringing the pain and telling you… you shall not pass!

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