What’s the biggest difference between people who make the jump to careers they love... and people who cold message random people on Linkedin to “pick their brain”, hopelessly waiting for a response that will lead nowhere... if it ever comes at all?

If you guessed their college pedigree... you’d be wrong.

If you guessed, taking on back-breaking debt to get their MBA… you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed spending countless hours studying cases, learning SQL, buying a fancy new wardrobe to look the part, or joining Toast Masters… you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

Those things can be helpful but there’s something more fundamental to this career crossroads.

If you suffer from a lack of motivation to go to work… a consistent feeling of being undervalued - or worse - underutilized… if you’re an accountant wanting to make the transition to consulting (yes, you don’t have to be an auditor to be an accountant)… if you know you want to make an impact in your career - to feel like what you do matters, but you’re not sure of the best way to leave your mark … if you’re flat-out having a career crisis and at a critical crossroads… I feel you, because that’s exactly where I was back in 2009.

Here’s the thing:

What most people do when facing a career crossroads is rationalize why they can’t take action. Too busy right now… Will get to it when things slow down… Too risky… Not 100% qualified for the job they want so they want to learn some shiny new tool (which they never get to)… There are infinite reasons to stay put. But for most people, this doesn’t work:

  • The real problem is they don’t know how to communicate the value they bring to a given position and they’re afraid of rejection - it’s not all about tools
  • Instead of risking the chance of a rejection, they flush years down the drain working a job they resent with nothing of substance to show for it
  • They get complacent in the job they resent, start only giving a fraction of their full capacity, and find themselves banking salary increases designed to keep up with whatever’s left of inflation (spoiler alert: they’re tiny)
  • And ultimately at the end of it all, they become expendable when times get tight at their companies, which is happening at alarming rates these days

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing  what you’ve been doing? At best, you live a miserable existence where you tolerate your job and live longingly for the weekend. Like a puppy in the window after its owner leaves the house.

At worst, you end up jobless and unemployable, desperately cold messaging people on Linkedin, because managing your career had to take a back seat to working the job where everyday you’re thinking about how soon you can leave as soon as you get into the office.

The secret to owning your career instead of it owning you

You put in years (not to mention money spent on education) learning how to solve complex problems.

You’ve worked hard on everything you’ve been given up until now. You’ve paid your dues and now you deserve to feel like you’re having an impact. You also deserve to see that impact first hand.

The truth is at this point in your career, you know you’re able to take on more and you should be in a position that lets you showcase your capabilities and values everything you bring to the table, whether that’s at your current employer or elsewhere.

And all those days where you couldn’t look your boss in the eye because you hated him for how he made you feel should be replaced with you hiding your smirk from having multiple career propelling opportunities because you’re FINALLY being seen for your full worth.

7 career shattering myths you need to take out back and put out of their misery once and for all if you want a chance to make the impact you’ve been dreaming of

1. You just have bad luck...if there was a problem, someone would tell you

Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here’s the deal. The more potential there is for misinterpretation (think: any sort of prejudice) or hurt feelings, the less likely you’re going to get the feedback you need to optimize your career trajectory. And that’s before you try to switch jobs.

The thing about pursuing external opportunities is interviewers don’t have the time or desire to provide every candidate who passes across their desk personalized feedback of why they aren’t moving forward in the hiring process.

But know this. There is always a reason. Understanding that and having someone who can help coach you through the labyrinth of the consulting world is priceless.

2. You have to have an MBA to have a successful career as a consultant

You might be thinking I’m hypocritical because I have an MBA but here’s another plot twist. NONE of the partners I work closely with have an MBA. The truth is whether or not an MBA would benefit you depends on the type of consulting you choose to pursue. But if you’re smart, you’ll focus on getting in the door of your target consulting firm first and navigate potential changes in your functional expertise (e.g. accounting to strategy) later.

3. Loading up on new tools will make you irresistible to consulting firms

Stop. Just stop. If you have a laundry list of tools you say you’re proficient in, but have no record of applying said tools out in the wild, then you’ve grossly misplayed your hand. Combine knowledge of tool features with actual user application and then you’ve got yourself an eye-catching hook on your resume.

4. Doing everything you’re asked is enough for you to get promoted, let alone rise to the top of ANY profession, especially consulting

This may be the most jarring for people to hear, but simply doing everything you’re asked - even if you do it well - makes you… average. Nobody gets promoted by doing exactly what’s in their job description. There is a simple technique, which you’ll soon learn and wonder how you had been ignoring this for so long.

5. You’re supposed to bootstrap your way to success

Let’s get real here for a second. Cronyism and old boys’ clubs are things for a reason. Relationships in the right places matter. Sponsor and mentors are two of the most valuable assets you can have in your career, getting them however you can should be a number one priority.

Having someone who can share with you the unwritten rules - the ones you’re flagrantly violating each and every day that nobody tells you about - is the fuel to the flame that should be your career. Without it, you’ll find yourself stuck, like a “white walker” staring at an ever flowing body of water (I love Game of Thrones).

There’s no honor in wasting your time and potentially never even reaching you desired destination. Not all who wander are lost… but those who are probably got lost while bootstrapping...  

6. Facts matter

Perception is everything. Similar to the internet, all that matters is what people believe. If the masses say you’re trash, then guess what… you’re trash. Simple as that. Control the perceptions and you’ll win the game.

7. You’re too busy and you’ll come back to this later

The most egregious myth of them all unfortunately is the most rampant one. Every company and every person generally is going to do what benefits them most. It’s a dark view of the world and it’s also accurate. If that means, getting great work from you while paying you below market, why wouldn’t they do it?

If you’re reading this far, you’re not working JUST for the paycheck. You want to leave your mark wherever you take your talents. You NEED it, but here’s another truth bomb:

If you don’t advocate for yourself, nobody will. There are zero things in your career more important than proactively managing it. Otherwise, you’re a passenger on a captainless plane, going wherever the wind carries you until you ultimately crash in an epic blaze of glory.

Don’t be that person.

And if that’s not compelling enough have a think on this...if a career dies in a cubicle but nobody ever heard about it, did it really exist?

If you’re this far down the page you already know wishing - and its close relative -  hope are not career strategies. What you’re still probably wondering is what separates the people dodging career obstacles like Neo in the matrix from those who struggle to catch a glimpse of success from their position at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.

Success Factory is a program that answers that question a custom step-by-step plan:

  • Get those elusive interview callbacks from consulting firms
  • Land promotions that have repeatedly been out of reach
  • Build a career that you can be proud of - where you solve complex problems - instead of explaining with a yada, yada, yada when people ask what you do
  • Foster a team of raving sponsors to continue propelling your career advancement

As life changing as these are, they’re absolutely all possible when you take the guesswork out of determining what to do next to optimize your career.

And now guessing how to make boss-level moves will be a thing of the past.

This is the exact approach I’ve taken to being recognized as a top performer at Pepsi and Accenture in the past, and it still works today.

What makes me qualified to coach you?

Meet the man of the people (#MOP).

My name is Eric Butts and when I’m not working on with career-driven professionals like you (or bing-watching Billions or Game of Thrones), I’m an active practitioner in the consulting space working with CFO organizations of some of the world’s most well-known brands. I’m a director at a big 4 consulting firm and developing people is one of my core responsibilities there too. I previously deployed my talents for Accenture and Pepsi.

I hold both a CPA and MBA from the Kellogg School of management and can tell you when/if you need either of them based on the career move you’re pursuing. It’s probably not what you think.

And with all that pedigree and booksmarts, I absolutely couldn’t have been able to make my goal of moving into a high-impact position without the help of close mentors and coaches. That’s why I do this.

I coach based on what I experienced first hand and what I see right now every day out in the wild.

I’m not a professional career coach who has never walked the path that you’re looking for help navigating.

I’m a results-based realist and want to help you turn those career goals from mere aspirations to achievable. You can consider it therapy for your career and I promise you it will be a freeing and empowering experience.

Now let’s get it.

Introducing Success Factory

This is the only training program where you can get real-time insights into what’s working in management consulting right now.

But Success Factory isn’t intended just for career switchers. It’s for consultants who are treading water in their current roles, stranded on an island wondering if this grind is a long-term fit.

I’ve been an active observer of career successes in the consulting world since 2012 and am ready to share everything I’ve found so you can know exactly what step to take and when.

When you sign up for my Success Factory coaching program, we’ll conduct monthly 45-minute one-on-sessions…

  • We’ll overhaul your resume to make it catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters
  • We’ll write your cover letters(s)
  • We’ll determine skill gaps for your target positions (and how to address them)
  • We’ll identify key relationships to be nurtured to ramp-up your career growth
  • We’ll tailor your success plan together - no “one-size-fits-all” nonsense

The “Never Less Than Success Say Yes” Guarantee

I want you to be so excited to say “yes” to this opportunity that you’re fumbling over yourself because you can’t get your credit card out fast enough.

When you say “yes” today and submit your refundable application fee, you’ll have our first session to ask any questions you want. If you feel like it’s not a match, whether it’s because of personality difference, the dynamic approach instead of squeezing you into a ready-made solution, or you just think I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you can cancel right then and there. You’ll get your application money back and we’ll go our separate ways. No hard feelings.

Apply today for a refundable application fee of $125

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Still reading...I'm guessing you still have some questions

Here’s the answers to question that might be keeping you from applying to Success Factory today:

Q: I’m so busy at work right now. How will I be able to fit this in?
A: I get it. When you’re in the grinder, it feels like there is no time for you to even take a breath without someone asking you for something. I gotta tell you though, if you carve out 30-60 min/day to focus on yourself, you’ll start to see a difference. If you’re thinking about where that time will come from...cutting one tv show out of the nightly routine or dialing back the social media and youtube

Q: Some of your content seems geared toward less experienced employees. Are you able to help someone with more experience?
A: No doubt. While I do engage a lot without those starting out, the truth is I have coachees at all kinds of levels of experience from fresh out of college to those with 15+ years of experience

Q: How are you better than other coaches?
A: Most coaches you find are professional coaches and are not active in the field. I’m an active management consultant specializing in something other than coaching, although developing people is one of the things I enjoy about what I do, hence this offer.

Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: The investment will depend on what you’re looking for but as a gauge, you can assume $997 for a year of monthly 45-minute sessions or $125/month. Here’s the thing, though. If us working together accelerates a single promo or new job for you, I’d bet that change in income would cover the cost of this coaching and you can use the concepts to accelerate future promos and compound the benefit over the life of your career. I don’t know about you, but as a math and accounting guy, those numbers make a lot of sense to me.

Q: Why is there a application fee it it's refundable?
A: Because it weeds out people who aren’t taking this seriously and makes sure people show up for the initial session call where you have the chance to decide if you want to move forward or get your application fee back. I want to work with the right people, not more people, and this refundable fee is a way to help screen for that. Oh, and if you don't show for our call, the application fee is no longer refundable. That keeps people honest too.

Apply today for a refundable application fee of $125

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Still on the fence? Let me help you get some clarity on that

You're ready to ratchet up your career to boss level if:

  1. You’re just starting out in your career and want it to be on steroids right from the jump
  2. You’ve done good work for years but haven’t seen a correlated progression in your career
  3. You want your work to have a big picture impact, to influence decision making and not just reviewing the past (and you know exactly the job where you want that big impact to happen)
  4. You’re tired of ALWAYS being locked in a backoffice somewhere cranking out audit workpapers or tax returns, never interacting face-to-face with real-life clients
  5. You think putting in 3-5 hours / week to advance your career is a worthy investment and one you’re ready to make right now
  6. You’re excited to join Success Factory and work with a coach who’s been around the block and is still going
  7. You feel confident joining the Success Factory today knowing you’ll still have the opportunity to talk to me live and determine if you think Success Factory is going to do everything I said - instill confidence in yourself, have your bosses and peers looking at you differently, and ultimately end up with you in a position where you shine (bright like a diamond, shout out to Rihanna) more than you ever have in the past.

If you found yourself saying yes to at least 4 of the 7, then this coaching program is perfect you, and I’m ready to do work with you once you click that button below.

Apply today for a refundable application fee of $125

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Listen, by now you know in your core that the difference between people who successfully make a move to management consulting isn’t about working hard. It’s about having a blueprint so your effort is focused on the right things, which is exactly what Success Factory provides.

If you’re eyeing leaving your job… you should join the Success Factory.

If you’re looking to get promoted this year… you should join the Success Factory.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to package your experience as a consultant… you should join the Success Factory.

If you’re frustrated with your lack of progression in your career… you should join the Success Factory.

And you can start the process now for a refundable application of $125.

Now’s the time to make sure you don’t get in the way of your own success.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Apply today for a refundable application fee of $125

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