An awkward story of me telling my wife about me falling in love (not with her)

“Play the best songs by AC/DC”. That was me this morning as I started my 1.5 hour drive from my dentist. (If you think that’s long, consider it’s a 5 hour flight from my house.) Up until last night, I never thought I’d say those words conjuring up an AC/DC playlist.

If I’m being all the way real, the only AC/DC I knew involved alternating and direct currents. (Yay for science!)

Anyway, here’s how it happened, which was so fast you might even day I was … Thunderstruck.

I was sitting next to one of my favorite clients and somehow the conversation turned to music.

“You won’t believe the music I listen to,” she says.

So of course, I start guessing. “Drake. Kanye. Taylor Swift. Eminem.”

Not even close. She hesitated to spill the tea but eventually she let out a quiet, “I listen to Metallica.”

She was right about me not really believing it.

From there it turned to Kiss. (Apparently, they haven’t worn face-paint for ten years.)

Then Pink Floyd.

And before I knew it I had a list of songs to listen to so I could see if there was a rocker hiding inside of me.

It just so happens that, I was carpooling with some co workers after dinner and that’s when it really set in.

A song came on that sounded familiar.

Me: “Who’s that?”

Him: “AC/DC”

Me: “I know that one. That’s pretty good.”

I guess that got stuck in my brain because that’s how I ended up playing AC/DC this morning. And every song that came on was great.

When I told my wife about my new found love of AC/DC, you could say her response with my new “finding” was lukewarm at best. She said she (and a whole lot of other people) already knew about this gem. I never heard her listen to it though and we’ve been together since ’99 so I don’t know.

And then I find out the band was formed in 1973!

I guess you could say I’m the Christopher Columbus of rock music.

Better late than never though, which is exactly how you need to approach your career development now more than ever.

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