How to Transition from Accountant to Advisor (Friendzone to Endzone)

A new intern recently reached out to me to ask some questions about my career path. One of the organizations we work with (LEAD Program) was hoping to have testimonials from people in the accounting field. Specifically, they wanted to increase exposure to the youth about how attractive the profession can be. If you’ve been reading […]

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Using Reply All Should Get You Fired

  “Your new reprographics request has been received.” That’s the subject of an email I received yesterday morning at 6am. I looked at the details and it seemed a little strange I would be receiving a notice in San Jose about a request made in Boston. Still I chose to ignore it. The email wasn’t addressed […]

death to reply all

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What Lebron James Can Teach You About Evaluating a Job Offer

Unless you live under a rock or have been working a little too much to turn on a television, you know Lebron James took his sweet time evaluation job offer options and deciding where he wants to take his talents for the upcoming season. Part of the intrigue around this situation was when Lebron did […]

Intuit Releases New Quickbooks Self-Employment Option…But What Does It Do?

I was considering doing a post on whether or not you should switch to Quickbooks online this week, but I got an email that changed my direction. I recently wrote about how entrepreneurs need to learn accounting, and as if they read my mind, Intuit sends an email for a new version of Quickbooks. It’s called […]

quickbooks self-employment deductions

6 Career Tips for Aspiring Accountants

At least a couple of times a week, I get a message from someone on LinkedIn or someone who read a post on my blog looking for advice on going into accounting. Sometimes the questions focus on education path, and sometimes they focus on the job or career you can have once you obtain the CPA designation. […]

So you want to be an accountant

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MBA For $1000 From a Top 5 School May Be A Reality

What would you say if I told you there’s a way to take a Wharton MBA class for less than $1,000? It sounds crazy, right? After all, I’ve been known to rant every now and again about people taking on crippling debt to get their MBA with zero plan for the future. Now what if […]