MBA For $1000 From a Top 5 School May Be A Reality

What would you say if I told you there’s a way to take a Wharton MBA class for less than $1,000? It sounds crazy, right? After all, I’ve been known to rant every now and again about people taking on crippling debt to get their MBA with zero plan for the future. Now what if […]

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If You Hate Grammar (Or Just Aren’t Good At It), This Lifehack Is For You 2

We live in the “life hack” era where everyone is looking for ways to streamline how they work and live.  One of the ways many people try to save time is by skimping in the testing and review area. I’ve seen it done many times at clients testing big financial systems, and have come across […]

Which Electronic Signing App Is The Best? And Why It Matters to Your Business

Which E-Sign App is Number One? I Want to Live in a Paperless World.  The reasoning behind that, however, has nothing to do with the environment. Going completely paperless will make my life and business easier, and I’d bet money the same applies to you.  Think for a second about how many paper documents you’ve […]



Which College Has the Most Valuable Degree? 1

A friend of mine sent me an article this week on the colleges and degrees with the highest return on investment (ROI), and after careful review, I deemed it worthy enough to share with you, my internet friends! I believe in every educational decision being calculated, which you can read about here, here, or here […]

8 Signs You Might Be Better Off As a Contractor Than Employee 2

Post originally written for wisdom says contractors should always have their eye on landing a permanent position.Unfortunately, conventional wisdom misses the mark on this one. Just like with most things, the answer to whether or not you should pursue a contract over a permanent position is a less-than-comforting “it depends”. I’m going to help you […]



Will More Restrictions Make Becoming a CPA More Attractive to Minorities? 1

Of course not. It felt ridiculous just typing the question but the AICPA has this information published as part of the FAQs related to the 150 hour education requirement adopted by most states to become a licensed CPA (you can read my thoughts about that here). I really do hate to call people out who are […]

Why Consultants Hate Their Clients But Keep Coming Back For More

The truth is people in client service hate their clients. This is especially true for those of us in management  consulting.  So why do we keep coming back? Well, we feel bad for them. We know good people can sometimes make bad decisions in difficult circumstances. After seeing it time and time again, we go […]



Do Businesses Even Think About Their Customers Anymore? 4

What’s the first rule of customer service? DON”T ANNOY YOUR CUSTOMERS! Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, this sign just reminded me how much I hate stupid people. You probably think I’m overreacting and maybe I am, but let me ask you this…what you would expect if you saw this sign and walked inside to see the […]

Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: Do You Know the Difference?

Today’s rant post stems from the fact that even today I hear a lot of people voicing concerns over the increase in outsourcing. Usually the gripe is about how outsourcing reduces available jobs for hardworking Americans. What they’re really concerned about is increasing offshoring. There’s a key difference between the two which I’ll explain in more detail. […]