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The W.H.Y. formula for writing resume bullets that can’t be ignored

You may know I go on Reddit sometimes to see what people are sharing and to keep track of trends.

And one trend that has been the same since I started to write this emails is that people really don’t understand what makes a good resume bullet.

I’m hoping I can help you out with that today.

Here’s the bullet:

Research the niche market of selling collectibles and calculate profitability of goods and profit margin

I’m an accountant and this makes me yawn…

Unless the job they’re applying for is exactly this and only this, it’s putting a whole lot of weight on the reader to figure out how this translates. In this case it also happens to be the first bullet on the page.

So not only does it fall flat, but it also makes a weak first impression.

Making it over would only take a minute… for example, it could say:

Research the niche market of selling collectibles and consistently identified items that I could resell at 40-50% profit margin

Or maybe better:

Identified consistent pipeline of collectible items to buy and re-sell at 30-50% margin and $3M revenue per year using a proprietary research method I developed

That took about 4 minutes to tweak. Can you see the difference, especially if it’s the first bullet on the page?

It’s so important that every bullet earns it’s place on the page that I created the W.H.Y. technique for resume writing bullets to make sure you don’t have a reader asking WTF about one of the bullets on your resume and potentially killing your chance at your dream gig.

To learn how to use the W.H.Y. formula on your resume, you need to go here: