This guy getting knocked out has everything to do with your next career move

Feb 11, 1990 in Tokyo.

Buster Douglas went down in the 8th by way of a right uppercut, and then bounced back to take Mike Tyson down for a KO in the tenth with right uppercut left, right, left hook.

42:1 odds against Buster Douglas.

Time and time again we see these upsets in sports and they are only possible because someone gave themselves a chance by showing up.

You have the promoter who does the marketing and makes sure it’s a fight people want to see.

And then you have the delivery of the product, which is the fight or game itself.

Make no mistake — these are two completely separate skills, but they complement each other nicely.

Here’s why I bring this up.

Some people ask what happens after they finish updating their resume using the techniques I teach in Breakthrough Resume Writing.

Well, the resume is your promoter and what you do in the interview is showing up prepared after training for months for a championship fight.

Even if you’re anti-boxing as a means of entertainment, I hope you can see that marketing and execution are two things that work together to put more money in your pocket.

It’s true whether you’re a traditional business person climbing the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur providing a product or service to your target market.

So to answer the question, what happens is you need to start making your resume gets in front of the right people so it has a chance to work its magic. And here’s a spoiler…

The answer isn’t to take your newly renovated resume and just dump it to as many application sites as possible. That, my friend, would be an amateur move.

If you want to know what to do instead, read this letter very carefully. I wouldn’t want you to find out later and say nobody told you how the game worked.