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The timberland boot steel toe intro for your resume

It’s kinda weird to think that a book can help someone land a dream job, but the Timberland boot does exactly that for me, which I’ll explain here in a minute.

First a quick sidebar… have you heard this idea that lot of people who didn’t grow up with money end up trying to sort of make up for lost time when they finally do have money by being those things they couldn’t have.

I don’t know how true it is but it was definitely true for me when I started working at Pepsi. I remember the first time buying a pair of Timberland boots (which I still have).

I was at the mall with my friend Corinne and can’t remember which mall or what year it was but it was definitely winter in Chicago and there was a lot of snow.

As soon as I saw these boots I knew I had to have them.

If you don’t know Timberland boots, they’re a popular brand of work boot, and they’re a must-have for all of my New York friends.

The reason I’m talking about them though is because they are HEAVY. Like if I needed to kick in a door in a hurry, Tims would be my foot armor of choice, which brings me to my real point.

One of the things I’ve noticed when people are writing their resumes is they start off weak, whether it’s their summary or they jump right into the experience bullets.

So if you don’t remember anything else about this message, remember that you need to find a way to grab your reader and make them want to continue reading the rest of your document.

In other words, you want to kick in the door with your preverbal Timberland boot so you cannot be ignored. In fact, if you do this the way I teach you in Breakthrough Resume Writing, I think you’ll find not only will you make them want to read the document but you’ll see a spike in the phone calls you’re getting of recruiters wanting to talk to you… and ultimately your bank account.

Here’s how to get it: