One person's sad milkshake is another's gold career lesson

So I was at one of my favorite local restaurants a couple of days ago and I noticed something different.

My kids ordered milkshakes and like any good dad I patiently waited for my opportunity to swoop in to sneak a sip…

Something weird happened though because when they brought it out, it was the milkiest milkshake I’ve ever seen… for the second time in as many visits. You might even describe it as sad because it was WAY more milk than shake…

But that’s not the reason this was the saddest milkshake. More on that in a second.

This time I decided to say something because one of my favorite things about this place was quickly becoming something I’d avoid.

I found my opportunity when the main courses came out and the manager was one of the people bringing out the food.

“Did you guys deliberately change the milkshake recipe? They seem more watered down than they used to be?”

“You mean your milkshake wasn’t quite what you expected this time?”

“Yes, actually this time and last time, but I thought I’d give it another try to see if it was a one-off.”

“It sounds like you like your milkshakes a little thicker.”

“Yea, like a milkshake…”

“Well, we haven’t changed anything but we know people like their milkshakes at different consistencies. Would you like us to make you another?”

“No, that’s ok I was just wondering, and the kids still drank them anyway so it’s all good.”

After he walked away my daughter and son chastised me…

My daughter: “That wasn’t very nice, Daddy.”

My son: “It’s true but you could’ve said it nicer.”

That’s when I got sad for a split second. But then I remembered all the things my kids could’ve said nicer to me and felt a little better.

Joking aside, I explained to them that I bet he’d rather know and have a chance to fix it instead of losing customers because they hate the “new” milkshakes…

And sometimes someone being direct about something you may not enjoy hearing feels not nice… even if the other person has your best interest in mind…

Or maybe I was rationalizing bad behavior. I’ll leave that for you to decide, but here’s one thing there’s no debate about. Knowing how to write a proper resume is one of the best skills you can invest in for yourself.

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