3 signs your career is at a dead end

Have you ever been around a little kid where they blurted out the 100% truth and the parent responds by saying “he doesn’t know what he’s saying”…

… or reprimanding the kid by saying “we don’t say things like that.” or ‘that’s not nice.”

I learned a different perspective on this last week.

Grandmaster Chung was telling us about traditional Korean culture and the importance of being intentional. He shared that in the traditional Korean culture it’s better to deliberately offend someone than to do so by accident.

Do you know why?


There’s a certain shame that comes with lacking awareness of your surroundings or a given situation.

While his comment is totally true when it comes to raising children, I’ve noticed something slightly different in the business world…

Something you might even miss if you’re not looking for it.

Those who are intentional with their actions tend to be rewarded and progress faster in their career than their peers…

… even though there’s usually not a consistently communicated expectation regarding this behavior.

And there’s definitely not a “how to” manual your employer will give you on how to demonstrate this promotable characteristic. Especially without coming off as pushy or entitled.

At least part of the reason why is because that same characteristic that gets you promoted at your company may be the very same one that leads you to take a new job at a different company.

How do you know if you should be at least considering other options?

Or changing how you go about approaching the other options you’re already considering?

Sign #1: you’re like I was when I wanted the accounting supervisor role — the bosses are telling you, “it’s too soon” for you to advance to a role you’re clearly qualified to do.

Sign #2: you’re in a situation like when I was trying to get promoted to director at my current firm and “you’ll be in a better position a year from now” is how they’re telling you your promotion isn’t happening. And there’s not specific improvement area cited as what’s holding you back. That last part is key.

Sign #3: you’ve already started pursuing other options but never get a call back when you put your resume out there.

The solution to all three of these comes down to marketing yourself…

… and if you’re ready to be intentional about your career instead of floating along wherever the winds of chance take you then you’re going to want to read this: