Stop looking for motivation and look for this instead

I’ve learned quite a bit since I started riding for my life back in December.

One of the more recent things that keeps playing in my head is a distinction my current favorite Peloton instructor, Matt Wilpers, brought up on motivation.

I’ve joined several Facebook groups related to Peloton and one of the recurring themes is where to find motivation when you have none. So many people get excited about the idea of fitness but then fall short when it comes time to execute (it's the exact reason I wrote this on new year resolutions).

After hearing Matt talk about external vs internal motivators compared to straight up discipline, the bottom line hit me hard.

He didn’t say it quite this strongly but the takeaway is if you’re chasing motivation, you're actually focused on the wrong thing.

You should be trying to build discipline instead.

What’s the difference?

Discipline is showing up when you don’t feel like it...

When you’re tired...

When you have something else that would be more fun to do...

Discipline is sticking with your roadmap because you know exactly where you end up if you follow the plan. You don't need to guess or hope.

Once in place, discipline doesn’t need an accountability partner to make sure you do the right thing. At least not as a complete crutch .

That doesn’t mean you’re always perfect but it does mean when you trip up, your instinct is to reorient yourself and keep going instead of giving up at the first sign of adversity. The more I think about it the more I think of discipline as Big Mo’s wingman.

Now I’ve got some good news and some bad news about all of this….

The bad news is not everyone has the same natural levels of discipline.

The good news is it’s something you can totally learn.

The even better news is you don’t even have to go far to learn it. You can just hustle over here to reserve your spot: Success Factory Coaching