Are you looking for answers or excuses?

I got a random inmail message on LinkedIn yesterday that highlights something a lot of people struggle with:


I saw your profile on the certified writer’s directory for the smart blogger content marketing course.

I was thinking about joining the course and I had a few questions I wanted to ask.

1.) For the price, was it worth it?

2.) Have you landed any clients as a result of taking the course?

3.) I was told that smart blogger is currently vetting clients for the certified writers on the directory. Is this the case for you?

4.) What advice would you give to someone considering taking the course?

5.) Does the course cover business development and sales?

6.) How has the course impacted your life professionally?

7.) In your estimation, is there a lot of demand currently in the labour market for what you do?

8.) Would you say there is a lot of job security, stable income opportunities and more freedom doing this as to what you’ve done in the past?

9.) Are you happy and fulfilled with your decision to do the course and with your current progress now that you’ve finished?

10.) What you add/take away from the course in reference to your current business needs now that you’re certified?

I apologize for asking so many questions, I just had a lot of professional detours in my life and I want to make sure that this is the career path I want to take.


I almost didn’t respond just because of the # of questions…

… but then I came back to it a little later after thinking about it and feeling like I should at least try to help because I recognized some things I’ve gone through myself.

For example:

  • Wanting to have guarantees on things that can’t be guaranteed
  • Trying to gauge my path based on someone else’s results, without knowing what it took them to get there
  • Being afraid of being hustled by someone online, even if that person has been giving you proven value for years
  • Underestimating the value a good mentor can bring to your career or business and how to go about getting one

So I ended up answering to give a different perspective on how to approach his decision on whether or not to take this course:


Let me sum it up for you. I’m happy with what I’ve learned in the class and trust Jon to make good on his promises. (I haven’t yet connected with any clients but they are working on it.)

As far as demand, you can confirm this by looking for content writer positions and make your own conclusions.

The fastest way to master anything is to have an expert teach you, and the fastest way to find an expert to teach you is to pay for it.

I’ve been following Jon for a long time and he is the real deal.

Hope that helps.

– EB


Questions about mentorship come up a LOT in business and one thing I can tell is I’ve know more people than I can count (myself included) who wished they had a mentor sooner but never met anyone who regretted having one.

Coincidence? I think not.

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