Some knitting advice that might help you fatten your bank account (without you ever touching a piece of string)

My daughter just told me something one of her friends was saying that she thought was funny. It kinda was but it’s also one of those things that will make you go lightbulb when you hear it.

She was talking about a technique to crochet… or maybe it was knitting… or maybe something else with string. The technical name isn't important but what she said is.

She said her technique was longer in the short run but shorter in the long run. Because whatever stitch she was doing took more effort to make (because it was bigger), but by using the bigger stitch it took fewer rotations and ultimately less time to finish whatever thing she was making.

And so it also goes with people trying to figure out the next step in their careers. They think it’s expensive to get the coaching and support they actually need but if they only knew up front how many YEARS they would waste without it, they’d probably make a different decision.

It can be tough but the more you can make your decisions with the big picture in mind the better off you’ll be.

– EB

#MOP #NeverLessThanSuccess

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