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“I was looking for help with resumes. Do you help write / improve them?”

It’s Monday, so I want to help you get back on your grind and make sure you got your mind right…

Someone sent me the question in this headline recently.

He didn’t know it was his lucky day but things took an interesting twist.

I linked him to my resume writing course after exchanging a few messages and advised we could talk if he wanted more of a done for you kind of help.

This was a Friday and he went kinda dark, so I followed up on Monday to see which way he wanted to go.

“I did have a look at your site. It’s great and I see the value in it. However it’s much more than I was looking to spend so for now I will pass. I appreciate the time you spent writing me.”

If you’re on the job market and looking for a 6-figure job, your search can easily take several months if you don’t know how to optimize resume and overall search.

You know I’m an accountant, so let’s see...

Every month you don’t land the next gig, that’s $12K/month assuming you want to land a job at $120K/ year.

Compare that to $97 (supported by a ridiculous 60-day money back guarantee) to gain access to someone who has already been down the path that you want to be on, can you afford not do it?

Apparently this person could.

I wish him the best on his slow slog, but for people like you who want to see results fast, there’s this option.

I’m talking about taking the flicker of a fire that is your job search, and pouring enough fuel on it to turn it into a scene out of Backdraft:

Breakthrough Resume Writing

If you have questions, let me know and I’m happy to answer.