I hugged a cactus this weekend

I hugged a cactus this weekend.

It was a special kind of cactus — one you can’t find just anywhere.

And this particular cactus I was embracing wasn’t on some weekend camping trip in the desert…

… this cactus was actually in a little shopping center right outside of Atlanta, and I plan to keep going back to hug it over and over again.

You see, this weekend was a test day in tae kwon do for my son and me. And one of the things Grandmaster Chung talked about in one of the moments between tests was this idea of hugging a cactus.

It’s embracing the challenge that’s insanely tough — and sometimes painful.

It’s taking on the struggle that the average person would rather avoid.

It’s doing as many push-ups as you can without your arms giving out… in front of the class of much younger students (and their parents)… immediately after your 8 year old son did 50.

That was just one part of the test. And I’m definitely feeling it today but here’s the thing — I’ve always found wins are so much more satisfying when you have to work for them.

In the case of Tae Kwon Do — and most other things — the challenge becomes easier when you keep showing up.

Here’s something else. For some people, hugging a cactus is executing on the job search you’ve been dreaming about for weeks, months, or even years.

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