The one question that people from all aspects of my life are asking right now

There's one question I've been getting recently more than any other. What makes it stand out as something worth sharing is I've getting the same question from people in very different aspects of my life.

I'm getting the question from people asking about my fitness journey.

I'm getting the question from people asking about career progression.

And I'm getting the question from clients when I tell them I've helped other clients do exactly the thing they're trying to do.

The question is a simple one... "How'd you do it?"

While these are 3 very different topics, it turns out the answer is the same for each...

  1. Determine your ultimate goal.
  2. Write down smaller tactical steps to get from where you are to achieve that goal.
  3. If you don't know what the tactical steps are, ask someone who you trust who's done it before you. (Pay for it if you have to.)
  4. Prioritize executing your plan no matter what distractions come and celebrate your progress.
  5. If you slip up, pick up where you left off and go back to #4.

I could go into each step I did in any one of these areas and I'm happy to do that in separate posts but the reality is these journeys are going to have some nuances specific to each individual.

Part of what makes taking on a major goal in your life successful is the work you put in figuring out what those nuances are going to be for you. And to give yourself the best chance of success you're going to want to acknowledge the work-in-progress you that you are right now, give yourself some grace to build some momentum.

For example, if you want to read more, and your goal is 45 minutes everyday but you haven't read a book that wasn't assigned since college, maybe you want to start with 15 minutes every day. Or to get over the initial mental hurdle, make your goal reading 1 page of a book every day.

I bet you'll find the same thing that I've found time and time again, starting really is the hardest part.