Don’t panic even if you feel like there’s no way you’re going to survive

You ever wake up and you have that one thing on your calendar that has you feeling all kinds of nerves?

Too much angst to eat.

Heart pounding when you let your mind sit idly thinking about it for too long.

Or maybe you just get the sweaty palms as eloquently immortalized by Eminem in the movie 8 mile (such a good song).

Well that was me leading up to my first martial arts test tonight. I’m happy to report I survived despite being terrified I was going to freeze up in front of everyone including my wife.

If you know that feeling in your stomach that I’m talking about, then I have two words for you that are going to help you make moves in your career: don’t panic.

As it turns out, it’s really hard to focus when you’re panicking.

And as I’ve said before, if you can’t focus, you’ll make unnecessary mistakes. Those mistakes will cost you career progression, which equals money and the related recognition you know should be well within your grasp.

There’s another piece to this though.

The fact is getting outside of your comfort zone is a good thing. It’s one of those things you know is working when you feel it. It’s basically muscle confusion for your brain and all those sensations you feel are just your brain letting you know you’re transforming.

When there’s an opportunity to learn something new, embrace the chance. Acknowledge the fear and discomfort but don’t let yourself be paralyzed by it. Charge through it and see what happens when you’re on the other side.

As it turns out, I’ve gotten pretty good at helping people push themselves in this way. If you want to experience for yourself, you can apply for the success factory coaching program for another week. Who knows, if I get promoted from a white belt that might go to my head and I raise the price of coaching too.

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