12 habits of highly successful consultants [pdf download]

So you’ve made it through the three steps to becoming a management consultant, nailed the interview, and accepted the job offer.

Now your journey as a management consultant begins.

Because the truth is a lot of people who start in consulting don’t last more than a couple of years. Some of the attrition is voluntary (e.g. because of excessive travel), and some is the result of staff being coached out because it’s clear the situation isn’t going to work for either side.

For those who stick around and find success, they have a few habits in common that I’ve observed. Click the link below to print it out and hang somewhere where you’ll see it frequently as a reminder.

  1. Find solutions after listening to problems, not the other way around
  2. Take notes to document key decisions and actions
  3. Set due dates for every action item
  4. Treat deadlines as untouchable
  5. Set clear expectations and boundaries before starting work
  6. Talk with your client, not at them
  7. Invest in relationships at all levels of your client
  8. Build in project time for iteration
  9. Hone the art of producing executive summaries
  10. Check the details…twice
  11. Respect your client’s time
  12. Keep it all the way real with brutal honesty

Download the 12 habits of highly successful consultants here: