How I accidentally set a personal record (and how you can too)

A few nights ago I had an accidental PR (personal record) on my Peloton bike. And while it feels good to humble brag a little, that's not the main point of sharing this.

Let me explain by sharing something that happened a few months ago. I was still somewhat new to PowerZone training and at the time had only done endurance rides. (Endurance rides are at least intense of 3 types of powerzone rides — powerzone endurance, powerzone, and powerzone max).

One day, I got on and started a class and the instructor, Matt Wilpers welcomed me to a 45 minute powerzone ride, instead of the endurance ride I thought I had tapped into. And I cannot tell you the panic I felt in that moment trying to figure how to throw it in reverse and get outta there as fast as possible into an endurance ride. 

Now fast forward to a few nights ago when I hop on the bike. I see my friend is doing a 60 minute PZE ride, so I hit the start button without giving it much though and quickly give him a virtual high five.

The problem — actually there are 2 of them here — is first this was not an endurance ride. (I can’t believe I did this again.) Second, I didn’t realize my mistake until 10 min into the warmup… doh!!

So I had a choice to make — keep going because now I know I can do this or eat my 10 min loss and start a 45 min pze ride. 

If you’re a finance person reading this, I can imagine you saying sunk cost shouldn’t be a factor BUT I wanted to get 60 min of work in and I was already tight on time. 

Anyway, I decided to finish the ride. And not only finished it but set a new PR for a 60 min ride. Go figure. 

Here’s where I tell you why this is important for you. We often talk ourselves out of doing things because we think they’re going to be hard. Or we say we can’t commit to ALL so we might as well not start. 

This is a mistake. One that could be costing you new personal best milestones in your career. 

So my advice to you today is before you take yourself out of the running for something, make sure the reasons are legit. 

If you're not sure how to make that decision, you should join me here and we'll get you right.