Doing this one thing well can LAUNCH your business on a profit rocket

Dear business owner or entrepreneur,

I have some great news for you if any one of these common scenarios applies to your business today:

  • You’re starting a new business and not sure how to best market your product
  • You’re trying to revive a stale business or dead email list
  • You’re optimizing your marketing because even though business is ok right now, you know your sales and profits should both be better
  • You’re trying to understand the deafening silence you get when you make an offer to an otherwise engaged audience

The great news is good copywriting can resolve all of these situations. But there’s a problem.

Many business owners don’t know what good copywriting is — or worse — they don’t know what copywriting is at all.

Copywriting -- the art of persuasive writing (also known as salesmanship in print) -- is a skill…

One that has nothing to do with content creation (e.g. blog posts or SEO), although you can apply some copywriting techniques to content writing.

Even if you’re clear on the distinction between content writing and copywriting, knowing you need copywriting to fuel your business is a good start but it’s still not enough. And here’s why.

Hiring well for copywriting skill is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. Getting it wrong could literally cost you your life’s work. 

With that you find yourself going back to sitting in a dingy cubicle 8+ hrs/day after a miserable commute… waiting until you can go home and try to breathe life back into your baby, with all the baggage that comes with it... 

Sleepless nights, stress, fighting with the people closest to you about how you spend your time,  and sacrificing the healthy habits you keep saying you’re going to get back to once your side hustle becomes your main hustle. 

If you don't take this copywriting problem seriously, you'll starve your business

Think about your target sales per month. Let's call it $50,000 but imagine you're only making $10,000/month. You're effectively paying $40,000/month to NOT properly address your problem.

If you do nothing and don’t hire a copywriter at all, you’re relying on blind luck to drive sales for your business and no matter how great your product or service is, I assure you…

… hope is not an effective business strategy…

… and neither is wishing.

If you hire whichever copywriter offers the lowest rate, you put yourself in a position where your money is a sunk cost instead of an investment generating returns multiple times the investment you’d make in a skilled copywriter.

The truth is there are a lot of places your copy can go wrong:

  • ... a headline that doesn’t resonate with the reader
  • … a lead that doesn’t make your reader want to read all the way to the end
  • … an offer readers don’t want (even though you know they need it)
  • … using the wrong words
  • … using the right words… at the wrong time
  • … using the right words at the right time… but in the wrong order
  • … and not providing enough information for the reader to make an active decision on whether or not to accept your offer (indecisiveness is your worst enemy)

Making any one of these mistakes can cause a record-skidding exit from your copy, with the reader never to return again.

I’m not trying to scare you with overblown exaggerations of missed opportunities. I just want to help you understand what’s at stake.

How I discovered the power of good copywriting

My names is Eric Butts. I’m a management consultant with a fancy MBA from Kellogg one of the world’s top business schools and am a licensed CPA…

… and for most people that would be enough...

… but I’ve always had an eye toward entrepreneurship and helping other people on their chosen career paths. First as a career coach and now as a freelance writer. 

Here’s how that matters for for your business:

For a while, I tried to figure out on my own how to monetize my blog and sell services I knew people needed (it didn’t work) and then I discovered copywriting, and by discovered I mean I became obsessed with it. Here's what I did:

  • Studied 5 books (sometimes multiple times) written by A-list copywriters… to get an understanding and internalization of proven copywriting principles
  • Listened to hundreds of podcast episodes by some of these same A-listers diving deep into the nuances of copywriting that most newer copywriters will overlook (This is especially true if you’re hiring from lower cost options like Upwork or Fiverr)
  • Watched hours of training and practiced under some of the most sought after copywriters in the world -- refining not only my copywriting skills but my understanding of the psychology needed to get your reader to act

After all that, I started paying more attention to what got people around  me to buy and how they talk about products and buying decisions. I paid more attention to what was compelling in my own buying decisions. I started instinctively noticing what worked and what didn’t, instead of by forced habit. 

I’m telling you this because that obsession and insatiable curiosity to immerse myself in a topic is what separates any old run-of-the-mill low-performing copy from good, high-converting copy.

The truth is there’s an epidemic of ineffective copy in the world and a shortage of people who know how to address it. That’s why I decided to start freelancing as a copywriter.

What do you get out of our partnership?

First, let's cover what makes me different from other copywriters you might consider.

When you work with me, you get not only someone who understands the art and science of producing persuasive copy (especially email) but also someone has an appreciation for what it takes to succeed in business. 

At this point you'll want to know the fees, and I'll be straight up with you. I need more information to answer that question. Copy is everywhere and every project is different, so it's impossible to state a definitive price, but here are a few places where I can help you fuel up your profit rocket business:

  • Customer Research: how to find the right words to resonate with your audience 
  • Broadcast emails: ad hoc messages designed to send a rush of traffic (and sales) to your website
  • Launch sequences: emails that will have your buyers begging you to take their money before you even open your cart
  • Landing pages: how to get people to exchange their contact information for your lead magnet
  • Long form sales pages: how to efficiently guide your target reader through the buyer journey

As I mentioned, price is dependent on the exact needs of your project (we can sort that out when you email me) but I will say this…

… one of my mentors charges $100K for an email launch sequence and it’s not uncommon to hear sales pages run an investment of $20K + royalties but here’s the thing:

When those investments produce 3x current results, smart business owners are happy to make that investment and use that proven asset over and over again to keep profits rolling in. 

You might be wondering what happens if you hate what I write. The answer: I will do my best to keep us from ending up in that position and part of the way I do that is by providing two rounds of edits to make sure you are ecstatic with the end product. I want to do right by you and your business and will work with you to make sure you we work as partners and you’re not concerned about me being some sort of fly-by-night operation running off with your deposit.

It's decision time

You probably knew the importance of copywriting before you started reading this letter. 

And if you’ve read this far, you now understand the importance of making your copy persuasive…

… so now you have a decision to make.

Option 1: You can ignore everything I’ve just said and maybe it’ll work out for you. If so, great. 

Option 2: Or you can email me right now ( with your copywriting needs and start the process to getting money-making words deployed in your business as quickly as possible so you can generate the cash you deserve. You want to take your business to the next level? I’ll write the words to help you get there. 

No more guesswork in your copy (like I used to do). 

No more endless waiting to find a copywriting savant willing to work for peanuts. 

Either way, the choice is yours and there will be no hard feelings. But you need to make a decision and you should do it now.

I’ve found it to always be true in my career that fate favors action takers. And I suspect you'll find the same in this case, if you haven’t already. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

- EB