If you’re struggling to get job interviews, this message is for you — even if you have no experience

If you’re applying for jobs and feel like you can’t get an interview to save your life…

… your resume is to blame. And in a few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly what to do to fix it. 

But you first have to understand what hurdles you’re facing to make your sure your resume works.

Here’s the deal…

Secret #1: Nobody wants to read your whole career story

… you have about 5 seconds for your resume to grab your reader's attention...

... and once you have it, you have maybe 60 seconds before a decision has been made on whether or not to interview you.

So if you get your resume wrong… in less time than it takes you to brush your teeth, your chance to land your dream job goes poof without you even getting a second thought.

And that pressure you’re feeling to find a new job? 

If you don’t fix your resume, the pressure you’re feeling will only grow when you’re between jobs… watching the emergency savings in your bank account spiral towards zero while you anxiously wait for those interview calls to come in…

… and the prognosis isn’t much better when you come into a soul-crushing job that kills a not-so-little piece of you every day you come into the office.

So what can you do?

The first step to understanding why your resume isn’t working is to recognize application efficiency doesn’t translate into more interviews. 

Secret #2: The reason why more technology makes applying for jobs easier than ever but has the opposite effect on getting job interviews

Submitting job applications has gotten easier than ever. More than 90% of job applications are submitted online.

You might think the answer to your interview problem is to apply for more jobs as quickly as possible to increase your odds of success… but doing that only sets you up for more disappointment.

The reason why is landing job interviews isn’t the total game of chance some would have you to believe... 

The truth is the easier it becomes to submit resumes, the more time you need to spend making sure yours is sending the right message — and not giving the impression you just hit upload and submit on as many applications as possible like most people do. 

The good news is there’s a solution…

… but before I get into any of the details I want to tell you why you should pay attention to what I’m saying.

My name is Eric Butts and I help people write resumes land interviews at their dream companies -- and I do it based on what I learned spending years refining my own resume and resumes I get from other eager job seekers.

When I started out in the corporate world, it was all too common to feel like my resume was going into a black hole of non-response whenever I applied for a job… 

… but these days it’s not uncommon for me to get 2-3 unsolicited interview requests per week

And I’m confident you can do the same with the information I’m about to share with you revealing exactly what I changed to remove any uncertainty that my resume would be competitive for any job I applied to.

Introducing “Breakthrough Resume Writing”

After seeing so many people make common mistakes I’ve decided to share the resume secrets I’ve learned in a resume writing course -- Breakthrough Resume Writing. 

This course is the only chance that I know of where you’ll have the opportunity to work with a current practitioner and hiring manager to understand exactly what hiring companies are looking for in your resume.

It’s a quick-to-consume, five module course (video and audio only options) you can listen to on your commute or even while you’re taking the dog for a quick walk around the block. Each module is focused on actionable advice so you can start getting more interviews TODAY.  

Here's come of the career-changing takeaways you'll be equipped with after completing the course:

Module 1: Purpose and Overall Structure

  • What job seekers who consistently get interviews know about resume writing
    If you don’t have this simple concept ingrained deep into your brain, you’ll be destined for a life of mediocre results, possibly worse

  • The 4 things you need to include in a resume that consistently gets interviews (and 3 things you should exclude)
    These building blocks will give you the rock-solid foundation of a resume that’ll have recruiters and hiring managers piling into your inbox to interview you, even when you’re not looking for a job

Module 2: The Opening

  • The only 3 ways you should begin a resume if you want more interviews + examples. These work at all experience levels and doing anything other than one of these is practically guaranteeing your resume a one-way ticket to the reject pile. You don’t want that, do you?

Module 3: Bullet Content

  • The one question you should ask to know if a bullet should make it into your resume
    Literally every day I see resumes missing this critical point and that’s costing them thousands of dollars they could have easily put in their pocket by asking this one question.

  • The one word that gives any resume an instant boost in credibility.
    When it comes to melting away any doubt that you’re the right person for the job, injecting this word into your resume is just what the doctor ordered. 

Module 4: Bullet Word Choice

  • How to find the exact words you should use on your resume to get more interviews.
    These 4 places will gift wrap the perfect words for you to place directly in your resume with NO GUESSING every single time (most resume writers don’t think of these but now you will). 

Module 5: The Salmon Run Technique for Fast Writing

  • The “salmon run” technique that will have you leaving your competition in the dust with the way you can write a compelling resume for any job within minutes
    If you need to write resumes for multiple jobs and do it fast, I think this is the best way to go about it. Once you see it, you may want to slap yourself for not thinking of it first (but please don’t).

Secret #3: A good resume has the potential to literally change your life

You know that feeling right before you submit an application for a job -- the one where you feel like you’re putting a decent resume forward but you’re not quite sure if it’s as good as it can be?

You can say goodbye to that feeling forever today. 

The techniques I teach you will give you the confidence of knowing you’re always putting your best self forward... 

… even if you haven’t updated your resume in years... 

… even if you have little to no direct experience in your target industry.

You’ll learn how to get your foot in the door at the top companies in the world and change your career trajectory.

So what do you have to invest to get such a breakthrough in your career?

If you wanted to just go out and have your resume professionally written, you should expect to pay between $200 and $300 for an early career resume up to 2 years out of college)... more than $500 for a mid-career professional (below director level) and $1,000+ for more advanced careers. That’s nothing to sneeze at...

… And while you may be happy with the result, you won’t fully understand the rationale behind why they wrote what they did…

With Breakthrough Writing, you’ll have a repeatable process and an understanding of the psychology that makes a resume work to serve you throughout your career… and you won’t pay anywhere as much as you would to have a resume writer do it for you.

You’ll get Breakthrough Resume Writing instantly for $97 and begin your sprint toward a top notch resume and landing an interview at your dream company. All you have to do is click the button below, set up your online account and enter your credit card details. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll get a personal email from me with a link to log into the course where you can start seeing results in your resume literally within minutes.

Are you ready to transform your resume an interview-getting machine?

Yes, transform my resume!

Will Breakthrough Resume Writing work for you?

I’m going to be real with you about this… 

I can’t guarantee you’ll get the exact same pay bump as someone else, but I can guarantee this... 

I’ll let you work through the course for 30 days and if you're not seeing and feeling the change I promised…

… the ability to write a killer resume within minutes and the knowledge of how to find the exact words to use (and what to leave out)...

… and double your interview responses...

… you’ll get your money back 100% with no questions asked AND I’ll get on the phone with you and personally work through your resume with you until you do.

It’s decision time

Before you make your decision -- and you should make a decision -- think about what’s on the line for you. Landing an interview that leads to a job can get you 15%, 20%, even 30% more than what you’re making right now…

Are you willing to leave that kind of earning potential on the table?

No hard feelings whatever you choose, but I hope to see you on the inside to work on your resume breakthrough.


p.s. The bottom line is any job seeker can get more interviews by using Breakthrough Resume Writing, because it gives you the proven strategies for writing an interview-getting resume and doing it fast with no guess work.

Are you ready to transform you resume into an interview-getting machine?

Yes, transform my resume!